As you are coming to the end of your INFINITI lease you may be wondering what options are available to you. Outlined below are some of those options


  1. Turn in your lease and purchase or lease a new or pre-owned INFINITI
  2. Buy your current INFINITI out of the lease
  3. Return your lease
  4. Early Term Options

OPTION 1: Turn in your lease and purchase or lease a new or pre-owned INFINITI

Have you been by the showroom lately to experience any of the exciting, new INFINITI products available? INFINITI is constantly improving and adding new vehicles to their product line. By staying with INFINITI there are perks available to you as a returning customer. You are welcome to stop by, or if you like, you can click the "Contact Us" link and complete the information. One of our certified consultants will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your buying and leasing needs.

OPTION 2: Buy your current INFINITI out of the lease

There are customers who feel like they love their current INFINITI vehicle so much, that it's too soon to get a new one! By purchasing your car, you may qualify for an INFINITI special offer. In addition, you can have your vehicle inspected and Certified with a 167 point inspection, for an additional fee, to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape going into the future! If Certified, you are also able to purchase an extended warranty, which will cover your vehicle up to 120,000 miles! Click the "Contact Us" link, and a consultant will get right back with you.

OPTION 3: Returning your lease

If you decide that you want to return your INFINITI lease, you must schedule an end-of-term inspection of your vehicle. You can contact AIM at 1-800-253-9026. They will arrange an appointment at your convenience to inspect your vehicle prior to your returning it to the dealership. Once your vehicle inspection has been completed, you can contact the showroom at 516-208-4154 to schedule a return appointment.

OPTION 4: Early Term Options

If you've had a change of lifestyle, like you are expecting a new baby and you are driving a Q60 coupe, but really need a QX60, or you drive for your job and your nearing the end of your miles, not your lease; or your just so excited by the new product line and would like to get it a little early, there may be a way we can help you out! LEGEND INFINITI can contact INFINITI Financial Services and request an early termination quote, possibly having some or all of your remaining payments waived on your current lease. If this is something that interests you, please contact one our certified consultants at 516-208-4154 for further information.

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